Reply To: 7 Weeks to 100 Push Ups (Mar 2023)


    WEEK 7

    28 Apr

    Warm up
    Push ups – 20,32,26,26,25+9+9+7
    Cool down

    Developing some intense tightness across my elbow in certain positions and also my upper traps. There’s definitely something that is either being missed by the post-workout stretches or that just can’t handle the volume.

    30 Apr

    Warm up
    Push ups – 20,20,24,24,20,20,23,34+10+8+3
    Cool down

    The volume is too much, I’m knackered by the final set. Using 2.5 mins rest until the final set and holding firm at 52 bpm.

    2 May

    Warm up
    Push ups – 24,24,31,31,26,26,24,29+9+7+7+8
    Cool down

    Huge amounts of cumulative fatigue have built up in my arms and I felt tired before the first set. For the final set I tried to sneak it up to 54 bpm but that turned out to be far too fast so I dialed it back. I was using 3 minutes rest between sets and barely finished some of these.

    Today is Tuesday, I would say the earliest I would consider a max effort set would be Sunday. I’m tempted to do something in between especially given the extreme tightness across my elbow. I have Kelly Starrett’s Becoming a Supple Leopard which will likely have some nice exercises to go through on Friday.

    100 reps is very unlikely but I’m expecting to land north of 50.