Reply To: 7 Weeks to 100 Push Ups (Mar 2023)


    WEEK 5

    14 Apr

    Warm up
    Push ups – 21,27,23,23,31+2
    Cool down

    I did this in the late afternoon and felt really good, 2.5 mins rest between sets and 3.5 mins before the final set.

    16 Apr

    Warm up
    Push ups – 15,15,21,21,15,15,36
    Cool down

    Another late afternoon session, this time a mixture of outside and on my kitchen floor. I could tell from the sets of 21 that I had more in the tank and I was really pleased to match the desired reps.

    18 Apr

    Warm up
    Push ups – 15,15,22,22,15,15,36+2
    Cool down

    Almost identical to the previous session and a very similar result. The target was 38 and I thought I had it but I faded after 30. The final sets for next week are 42+, 46+ and 50+. They seem unattainable if you think in terms of adding 4 reps every time, but by percentages it’s really more like doing a set of 10 and asking you to reach 11 next time.

    The two things that have really helped this week (in my opinion) are the 2.5 minutes rest and choosing late afternoon. A quick online search confirms that body temperature peaks late afternoon and so I will continue to train pushups at that time.

    Here’s a sped up version of my final set on 18th April