Reply To: 7 Weeks to 100 Push Ups (Mar 2023)


    14 Mar

    Weight – 69.1kg, 16% body fat
    Measurements: Bicep tensed (36cm), Chest (101cm), Waist (79cm)

    Bench Press – 1 x 90,95,100,105,110kg

    Very close to failing 110kg, it was a real grind. Only ever been consistently able to 1RM 115kg so pleased to have most of that strength despite not fully focusing on bench press this year.

    WEEK 1

    17 Mar

    Warm up
    Push ups – 13,15,10,10,22
    Cool down

    Tougher than I thought it would be, and I can imagine finishing every workout with a set to failure will mean recovery is hard to come by.

    19 Mar

    Warm up
    Push ups – 13,15,11,11,20
    Cool down

    Fully expecting a lower final set here given the muscle soreness. It doesn’t help that I’m doing a pretty intense opening week of sprint training but once I get through this week and rest I should be fine.

    21 Mar

    Warm up
    Push ups – 14,16,12,12,19
    Cool down

    Only a little tired here. I had hoped to have a little more breathing room between the minimum reps in the final set, which in this case was 16, and my total. The end of week two involves a minimum target of 20 reps so I’m already a bit apprehensive. Hopefully a few days rest will do me good.