Reply To: Full Winter Sprint Program (Sept 2022)



    Round 1 – 60m

    7.68 secs

    Well. I was running on Mondo today and my local track is far from that quality so that might explain some of the time difference. Otherwise it was a huge shock to run anything faster than 7.90 secs, given my hand times in training were no better than 7.80 secs and you should be adding 0.2 secs for reaction time. Race-wise I was very calm, getting out well and remembering my cue at top speed. I wrote 8.00 secs on my sign up form so ended up winning my round, not sure if I’d have run faster with someone to chase.

    I didn’t hang around for round 2, and I’m so pleased with my time I don’t know if there’s any point going back up there in 3 weeks time to end my indoor season.