Reply To: Full Winter Sprint Program (Sept 2022)


    SPP Week 5 of 8

    28 Nov

    Box Jumps – 3 x 5
    MB Throws – 2 x 5
    Block Starts – 2×10, 2×20, 2x30m
    2 x 3 x 30E20F
    2 x 60m (40m IL) in ??, 7.95
    Back Squat – 3 x 5 x 105kg
    A1 Banded Nordic Curls – 2 x 4 (4 secs lower)
    A2 Seated Leg Kicks – 2 x 8 secs

    29 Nov

    Bike Tempo – 111,321,212,111 (level 5, 100rpm, 135W)
    Hip Mobility (AH)
    A Skip, B Skip, Run A, Run B – 2 x 20m

    Skipped general strength circuit and gymnastics here.

    30 Nov

    Around The Square – 3 x 4
    CMJ – 3, best of 57cm
    Broad Jumps – 4, best of 240cm
    Accels – 3 x 30m in ~4.45 secs
    3 x 3 x 60m (35m IL) in ~7.90 secs
    High Knees – 3 x 60 per leg (60 secs rest)
    Bench Press – 3 x 5 x 80kg
    Back Squat – 1 x 5 x 107.5kg, 2 x 5 x 105kg
    Sprinter Sit Ups – 3 x 8 x 20kg

    I had some pain in the right side of my torso when doing sprinter sit ups. I’d hoped for slightly quicker in the 60m runs but a few were 7.85 so progress is being made. Also reassuring to have my broad jumps go up a few cm each week.

    3 Dec

    Plyometrics – 3 x 20m
    3 x (20m 3 point, 30m falling)
    3 x 60m, 1 x 60m (36m IL) in ~8.05 secs
    Tempo Runs – 300m, 200m (47.1, 29.9)
    Bench Press – 3 x 5 x 85kg
    Back Squat – 3 x 5 x 105kg
    DB Rows – 1 x 8 x 30kg, 2 x 8 x 32.5kg
    Pull ups – 3 x 6 x 10kg
    Swiss Ball Hypers – 3 x 8
    Stir The Pot (Abs) – 3 x 30 secs

    I skipped nordic curls because it was too cold in the gym, also too cold to sprint today. It was 6 celsius in lycra shorts and I found myself concerned about hamstring strains as I couldn’t keep my legs warm enough. I did some weighted walking yesterday which may have impacted my speed, as well as the fact it was very cold. In future I will wear long lycra as I don’t have tracksuit bottoms.

    4 Dec

    Bike Tempo – 111,212,212,111 (level 5, 100rpm, 135W)
    Hip Mobility (AH)
    A Skip, B Skip, Run A, Run B – 2 x 20m

    The last exercise of hip mobility is actually a single leg calf raise on an incline. I did this session first thing in the morning and the final exercise in bare feet. The arch of my right foot was in quite a lot of pain which may have been due to exercising on a cold surface. I also had a lot of arch pain on the Friday when I did a 25 minute walk with a very heavy backpack in hiking shoes which don’t support my feet enough.

    I’m very unlikely to be racing on the 18th and may not even be sprinting by then.