Reply To: 7 Week Pullup Program (May 2022)


    21 Sept

    Indoor climbing wall – 45 mins
    Sauna & cold immersion – 40 mins

    The sauna was great but a late meal and early start completely ruined what I’d hoped was a hugely restorative sleep.

    23 Sept

    Climbed Mount Snowdon (1086m) in 3 hours

    I’m putting this here because while it isn’t upper body, it was taxing on my body and required some additional rest.

    25 Sept

    Pullup Retest – 25 reps

    I still had a sense that my arms weren’t fully fresh, so while I’d hoped for more reps I’d like to give it a few more days and try again.

    1 Oct

    Pullup Retest – 25 reps

    It’s actually quite impressive that I fail on exactly the same rep each time. That must be 6 or 7 efforts that have stopped at 25 and no further. I’m going to write up a review and publish an article and YouTube video on the experience.