Reply To: 7 Week Pullup Program (May 2022)


    WEEK 7

    14 Sep

    Pull / Stretch / Pull / Stretch / Pull – 25+5,22,18+4 (8 mins)

    The final week is only three sets, with the others replaced by resting or stretching. I tried tricep and lat activations though most of the 8 minutes was rest. Surprised myself with the second and third sets, I expected to fade faster.

    16 Sep

    Pull / Stretch / Pull / Stretch / Pull – 25+5+4,20,21 (8 mins)

    Seems like 25 reps is a sticking point. I don’t have DOMS as such, but I can tell when my arms need a rest and that’s been a case for a number of weeks. I remain optimistic that I can go beyond 30 reps but at this point 50 reps seems beyond me.

    19 Sep

    Pull / Stretch / Pull / Stretch / Pull – 24+7+4,24,18 (8 mins)

    Third set was disappointing, I usually hit 18-20 in a row before dropping down to singles, but that set I did 18 reps then couldn’t do anything more. My grip definitely plays a part, some of the people doing 50 reps can hold for 7-8 minutes at once and my best was only ever 2 minutes.

    The end. Of course I have testing, I’m away with work 21st-23rd so I’d tactically shifted my sessions by a day or two so that 3-4 days rest didn’t leave me testing when away. Honestly I could take a full week off given how overworked my arms feel. As I said, no real soreness but having done full time sprint training for several years I know when a muscle group is long overdue a rest.

    I’m going to a spa on Wednesday evening which will hopefully lead to an enormous sleep that night. I will do some light stretching and prepare myself for a caffeinated max. reps attempt this weekend or soon after.