Reply To: 7 Week Pullup Program (May 2022)


    WEEK 6

    6 Sep

    Pull / Chin / Pull / Chin / Pull – 25+5,15,10,15,15 (240 secs)

    My second failure.. I sense a pattern emerging.

    8 Sep

    Pull / Chin / Pull / Chin / Pull – 20+5+5+3,16,11,13,15 (240 secs)

    I wondered if rushing the first reps is using more power than I need and if I start slow I could do better. This was very wrong and I was lucky to reach 20. I’ve been doing some other arm work this week and it immediately showed, my arms are really fatigued now and the final set was meant to be 16 reps minimum.

    11 Sep

    Pull / Chin / Pull / Chin / Pull – 25+5+5,10,11,10,20 (240 secs)
    Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs

    I needed an extra day and since I was at a wedding yesterday I didn’t have time for pull ups anyway. I had a nap this afternoon and trained early evening, so not peak strength. Very pleased with the session, trying a very slightly wider grip and going fast from the first rep. I expected a decent number at the end given the lower reps in the middle so 20 was excellent.

    Next week it’s 3 sets instead of 5 with a big gap between each one. Having ended this week with a 20 rep effort I’m more confident about hitting 20+ next week. This whole week was below my best given the extra training I’ve been pursuing, so I’m confident I can get into the 30’s with my max effort once the program comes to an end.

    Here’s the 25 reps in set 1 from today.