Reply To: 7 Week Pullup Program (May 2022)


    WEEK 5

    30 Aug

    Pull / Chin / Pull / Chin / Pull – 22,13,11,10,17 (240 secs)
    Hollow Body Hold – 3 x 25 secs

    Extended it out to 4 minutes rest as the first set really wipes me out. I s. Another personal best.

    1 Sep

    Pull / Chin / Pull / Chin / Pull – 24,10,11,13,13 (240 secs)

    I dropped abs here as I’m trying to let my body recover from all this volume. I don’t have aches and pains but I can tell on the opening set that I’m not fully fresh. I did the 24 but I’m letting my technique go a bit at the bottom of the rep in order to keep momentum.

    3 Sep

    Pull / Chin / Pull / Chin / Pull – 24+2,10,11,10,16 (180 secs)

    My first failure, I rested 10-15 secs before completing the final two reps of the target 26. Technique was better here, slightly narrower arms to make it more natural going to elbow extension.

    This feels like where I’m falling off track, but the way it’s programmed it’s rushing me from a highest working set of 19 up to 35. I still have 30,33 and 35 as opening sets and I wouldn’t be surprised if I continue to hover around 25 reps and have to make up the other reps.

    The final set has also been to failure and the target is to match the first set, which this week has been 22, 24, 26. I’ve done 17, 13, 16 so I’m clearly off whatever pace the program writer had in mind.