Reply To: 7 Week Pullup Program (May 2022)


26 July

Pull / Chin / Pull / Chin / Pull – 15,14,11,13,10 (180 secs)
Side Plank – 2 x 75 secs
Heel Taps – 2 x 50

I misread the session and ended up scribbling down week 3 day 3 instead of day 1.

28 July to 6 August

Tooth infection

I have a low grade fever and a whole load of other symptoms from a tooth infection. The tooth is troubling me enough that I can’t chew food so I’ve been drinking ~1600kcal/day for a week. I’ve been on antibiotics since 1st Aug and stronger ones from the 3rd. My probiotics arrived today (6th) and I’ll start taking those at different intervals to the other meds.

I plan to pick up from week 2 day 5 which is the Saturday session I did on 23 July. The positive is that if I’ve lost weight it makes pull ups easier, so will hopefully counteract any strength losses. Week 3 isn’t that intimidating so I may be able to get back up to speed over the next 8-10 days and then get back into the hard reps.