Reply To: 30 Day Dead Hang Challenge (Apr 2022)


    9 May (Day 27) – 5 x 42, 5 x 42

    10 May (Day 28) – 5 x 42, 5 x 42

    11 May (Day 29) – 5 x 42, 5 x 42

    12 May (Day 30) – 5 x 47, 4 x 47

    I was a little pushed for time on the final day so these were with 100 seconds rest.

    16 May (Day 34)

    Grip Strength – 53-54kg per hand
    Max Dead Hang – 120 secs

    After a few days off I wanted to test my grip strength and endurance. The strength was no surprise, I probably need more of a stimulus than a simple double arm hang. I wasn’t expecting to get far beyond 90 seconds but I kept my head down and only looked at the clock when I was struggling, and by then it was 1:24. I really wanted that 2 minute mark and I probably let go just before, I might have mildly stretched some shoulder or chest muscles trying to hold on that long.

    I felt the benefits by the end, and while 7 minutes is a big commitment I will certainly do 1-2 sets of 30-45 secs after any upper or lower body weights session, for the stretching and spinal decompression benefits.

    Here’s me on day 30 experimenting with some single arm holds