Reply To: 8 Week Sprint Program (Mar 2022)


    25 Mar

    Mobility work

    26 Mar

    Core – 4 supersets

    I had laser tattoo removal on the 22nd so couldn’t do anything for the first few days.

    27 Mar

    Trek (plyometrics) – 2 x 20m
    3 x 20m in ~3.3 secs
    3 x 25m in ~3.9 secs
    3 x 30m in ~4.5 secs
    Tempo Runs – 3 x 3 x 100m (30 secs / 2.5 mins) in 14.5-15.5 secs

    I took a tape measure this time and last week must have been too far. I’m quite relieved my times are faster, though still not sure what it equates to over 100m. There’s a website that does predictions so once I start doing more consistent 40/50/60m runs I’ll know more. For 4.75 secs across 30m (adding in reaction time of 0.25) it puts me at 12.40 which sounds accurate if not a touch optimistic based on my current shape.