Reply To: 2022 Training Log


    3 Mar

    Front Squats – 3 x 65kg, 3 x 75kg, 5 x 82.5kg
    Stiff Leg Deadlift – 3 x 55kg, 3 x 62.5kg, 8 x 70kg
    Around The Square – 3 x 4

    I had some calf issues from throw in practice on Monday so I skipped the Tuesday, I’m also not sleeping well so didn’t want to gym off 5 hours sleep. I ditched the 5 x 10 and doubled up on 5/3/1 on the Thursday to give my legs a bit of a break.

    6 Mar

    Running – 5km in 25:31

    Again not feeling great today. I did the first lap of the athletics track in 1:56 and figured I’d try and hold a similar pace. It was only after a mile I settled on running 5km and ideally I would have finished in 25 flat as that’s 1 minute per 200m.