Reply To: Soccer Ball Throw Ins (Oct 2021)


    WEEK 2

    18 Oct

    Throw Ins (Session 4.1) – 10 throws, median 17.5m
    Throw Ins (Session 4.2) – 10 throws, median 17.6m

    20 Oct

    Throw Ins (Session 5.1) – 10 throws, median 17.6m
    Throw Ins (Session 5.2) – 10 throws, median 18.2m

    I’m starting to get consistency, the problem before was I was trying a flat throw so it was never going much above head height to begin with which is obviously not the optimal release angle. Now I pretend I’m throwing it for someone to head in the box and I don’t try to be too clever with an aggressive run up or quick release.

    22 Oct

    Throw Ins (Session 6.1) – 10 throws, median 19.0m
    Throw Ins (Session 6.2) – 10 throws, median 17.9m

    I should note that the pitch I go to is a slight incline, while this was in my garden which is flat. That being said, I did feel really good and I got a new max effort of 19.6m and several others around that distance. I was questioning whether I will gain anything from another week of purely practicing throw ins without changing anything else but I want to stick with it and see where it takes me.