Reply To: Vert Code Elite (Feb 2020)



6 Aug

Single Step Accel – 3 sets
Diagonal Step/Bound – 4 sets
Skip Bounds – 4 sets
Practice Jumps – 12 total, not measured
Triple CC – 4 sets, 145kg Hex DL
Deficit RLESS – 3 sets
Agility Drill – 3 sets

I don’t seem to jump well on Day 1 with only 48 hours rest so I didn’t bother measuring my practice jumps. The session as a whole felt very good.

7 Aug

Hip/Hamstring Superset
Ab/Hip Superset
Lower Abs – 3 sets
Lower Back – 2 sets

9 Aug

Sprint – 6 x 54m in 9.00, 8.37, 7.96, 7.79, 7.82
Speed Hops – 4 x 20m per leg
Broad Jump to Bound – 3 sets
Speed Skater Variation – 2 sets
Hurdle Jumps – 6 sets
Ankle Stiffness – 4 sets
Hamstring ISO – 3 sets

Good sprints on a nice dry road. These are a good 0.3-0.4 seconds faster than when I did them in phase 2 which has given me a lot of confidence.

Instead of a deload (skipping week 1 days 1 & 2) I did them, but I’m now happy to say that’s the end of phase 6 and to not finish off with week 4 days 4 & 5. I had a sports massage on the 10th and she identified my groin/hip tightness as my vastus lateralis quad muscle being very tight. She also noted I had slightly collapsed arches, I was already in the process of fixing these with barefoot walking but that’s encouraged me to get it sorted even quicker, because that can put pressure on the ankle and the Achilles.

Overall while I was pleased with phase 6 my body was really fighting against me and I need to spend more time addressing imbalances and staying on top of mobility work. She said that I’m quite flexible which can actually be detrimental to noticing the condition of muscles, because if I can e.g. touch my toes then in my head it means my hamstrings aren’t tight, but they were.

I need 48-72 hours after the massage to let everything settle down and then I can re-test my vert and immediately follow it with the first session of phase 7. She found a whole load of tightness in my outer quads so with that fixed I’m excited to see how I feel after a rest.

Here are a few from day 1