Reply To: 2011 Training Log


    July 2

    KB Swings
    2 x 15 x 18.5kg

    Power Cleans
    1 x 81kg
    1 x 86kg
    1 x 88.5kg
    1 x 91kg
    1 x 93.5kg
    1 x 96kg

    Couldn’t get to the track today as it shut early so did power cleans.

    July 4

    Track Work
    80, 100, 120m falling. 9.36, 11.47, 13.86

    Bench Press
    8 x 75kg
    5 x 85kg
    3 x 90kg
    3 x 1 x 102.5kg
    5 x 87.5kg

    Third run was really tense and a mess. Power matrix in bench.

    July 6

    Track Work
    250m (90 secs) 150m 33.4, 19.9 total 53.3 secs
    300m (90 secs) 100m 39.6, 12.9 total 52.5 secs

    Pacing was hard and I could’ve hit 52 flat as I intended to do. This replaces my 5x200m session and recovery will be cut followed by distance and then intensity upped.

    July 7

    3 x 108.5kg
    3 x 123.5kg
    7 x 138.5kg

    Bird Dogs
    2 x 20

    Weighted Ab circuit, 295 reps & bridges

    July 8

    Alternate DB Bench
    2 x 16 x 36kg
    1 x 12 x 36kg

    Explosive Pushups
    3 x 8

    DB Rows
    3 x 8 x 45kg

    Race on the 13th so not many weights before then

    July 11

    3 x 200m, 2 x 200m all in around 27 flat.

    July 12

    SL Calf Raises
    1 x 12 x 10kg
    1 x 12 x 20kg

    Plantar Flexor Res. Band pull
    2 x 12

    I was at a biomechanics lecture the day before and direct calf work came up and these were discussed – I had a race the next day but wanted to see what they were like.

    July 13

    100m – 12.04 (-2.4)

    Quite a strong headwind. Had the best first 40m of my life and was over a metre ahead and thought it was wrapped up but I hadn’t done a top speed session in a while and it showed when I was a little short of the pace and I ended up getting pipped by a few hundredths.

    200m – 24.28 (-0.8)

    This was almost 10pm at night as there were loads of 1500m races that dragged on. Again my acceleration was excellent and other than easing up a little at about 80m I ran how I wanted to, with good form on the straight but again a little lacking in top speed.

    Times are meh but the last races have been a really nice tailwind so can’t make a direct comparison.

    July 14

    5 x 116kg
    3 x 131kg
    1 x 146kg PB
    1 x 156kg PB

    Hyper Extensions
    2 x 20

    SL Calf Raises
    3 x 12 x 21kg

    Plantar Flexor Res. Band pull
    2 x 12

    Weighted Ab circuit, 295 reps & bridges

    This was my last bit of deadlit for the summer and I wanted a quick test of my 1RM. My back started rounding when I tried 161kg so I stopped, but 156kg is pretty good considering I weigh about 69kg at the moment.