Reply To: 2011 Training Log


    Apr 18

    Track Work
    80, 100, 120m falling. 9.59, 11.73, 13.88 slight headwind.

    KB Swings
    2 x 15 x 18.5kg

    Back Squat
    5 x 110kg
    5 x 125kg
    5 x 140kg

    Ab Circuit, 11 mins (!!!)

    My rec fem is getting fatigued halfway through warm up and is noticeable during my runs, think I need to reduce the volume somewhere so was going to switch front squat for split squat but don’t know if that will make much difference (feel free to tell me if you know). My times have been down for a week and it’s winding me up because I was hitting form. Pleased to match my numbers in back squat and took the rest out of abs and then did an additional 2 mins, solid workout.

    Edit: rectus femoris is suffering from excessive drills (new warm up includes 400m+ of drills) so I’m reducing the volume in my warm up and eliminating my day of drills to be replaced with a morning jog and myofascial stretching.

    Apr 19

    Bench Press
    5 x 72.5kg
    5 x 85kg
    6 x 95kg

    DB Rows
    3 x 8 x 45kg

    No spotter so didn’t risk bench.

    Apr 22

    Hang Power Cleans
    2 x 4 x 83.5kg

    Split Squats
    2 x 6 x 80kg
    1 x 6 x 85kg

    Ab Circuit, 9 mins

    Quite poor balance in split squats, had to focus on the path my front leg was taking to get it right. Have anterior pelvic tilt issues from overly tight hip flexors, doing a standard lunge exercise in the mornings to correct this. I’m leaning up a little but if my strength drops i’m going back to a bigger diet. Spoke to the guy who owns a supplement store in town and he has me back on ZMA and attempting to eat salmon once a week.

    Apr 24

    Track Work
    3 x 200m, 2 x 200m. 28.7, 28.0, 28.0 – 27.8, 26.8
    recovery (2.5 mins between reps, 10 mins between sets)

    5 x 68.5kg
    5 x 78.5kg
    5 x 91kg

    Bird Dogs
    2 x 20

    Ab Circuit, 6 mins

    200m runs at 80% effort, but because of the short recovery they end up being full effort to maintain the target times. Feel I could do them all in 27.5 so will try that next week.

    Apr 25

    Bench Press
    3 x 77.5kg
    3 x 90kg
    5 x 101kg

    DB Rows
    3 x 8 x 45kg

    All good, happy to rep at 100kg or more.

    Apr 27

    5 x 91kg
    5 x 106kg
    17 x 118.5kg

    (10 minutes on the floor)

    Bird Dogs
    2 x 20

    Ab Wheel, 3 x 7

    Probably pushed it a bit too much in deadlift considering I have a speed session in two days, this will be the last time I do over a dozen reps. The first ten flew up then it slowed and the last rep was dubious. All good now, off for a hot/cold shower.

    Apr 29

    Track Work
    4 x 120m Easy-Fast-Easy.

    2 x 6 x 118.5kg