Reply To: 2011 Training Log


Mar 16

Track Work
Blocks 2 x 20, 2 x 30, 2 x 40m
50, 60, 70m falling start. stopwatch broke.

Bench Press
5 x 52.5kg
5 x 65kg
5 x 75kg

DB Rows
3 x 8 x 42.5kg

Side Bridge 2 x 70 secs
Front Bridge 2 x 100 secs

I know one of the main rules of 5/3/1 is don’t tamper with it, but I’ve increased my rest week from 40,50,60% to 50,60,70%.

Mar 17

Front Squats
5 x 90kg
3 x 102.5kg
6 x 115kg

A1 DB Reverse Lunges
2 x 12 x 33.5kg

A2 KB Swings
2 x 15 x 18.5kg

Adductor Band
2 x 12

Ab Wheel
2 x 8

No Issues, cut the third set of a few of these as last week I was too sore to do circuits.

Mar 18

Turkish Get Ups

3 x 4 x 13.5kg

Running Arms

2 x 80
4 x 50

Mar 19

Track Work
80m, 90m falling start. 9.41, 10.37mon PB

Back Squats
5 x 120kg
3 x 136kg
2 x 152.5kg

Hip Thrusts
6 x 120kg
8 x 120kg

Ab Circuit, 6 mins

Very fluid 90m on mondo, couldn’t have pieced a much better run together. Wasn’t that motivated for back squats so happy to get a double out.

Mar 21

OH Shot Put (5kg)
15.30m PB

Track Work
100, 120, 120, 150, falling start. 11.50, ?, 13.53 PB, 17.20 PB

5 x 91kg
3 x 101kg
11 x 113.5kg

Bird Dogs
2 x 20

3 x 25

Wasn’t meant to do OH Shot but my friend wanted some competition, ended up throwing half a metre more than I’ve ever done. Nice series of runs, tied up in the last 20 metres of the 150 but the others were smooth. Had a rest then smashed out some deadlift reps, didn’t push it like last time as it’s an easy week starting tomorrow.

Mar 22

Bench Press
5 x 71kg
5 x 82.5kg
6 x 93.5kg

DB Rows
2 x 8 x 42.5kg

Side Bridge, 75 secs
Front Bridge, 120 secs

My right palm was hurting during the last set of bench, shouldn’t be an issue again but stopped a rep early. Feel like shit today, can’t walk properly.

Mar 24

Track Work
80, 90m falling. 9.30mon PB, 10.36mon PB

Back Squat
5 x 80kg
5 x 95kg
5 x 112.5kg

Hip Thrusts
2 x 8 x 80kg

Ab Circuit, 5 mins

Only a hundredth quicker in both runs but i’ll take that.

Mar 26

Track Work
100, 150, 150m falling. 12.11, 18.13, 18.11. slight headwind, no excuse.

5 x 58.5kg
5 x 73.5kg
5 x 83.5kg

Bird Dogs
2 x 20

Jack knives
4 x 20

Have been working a lot this week, still shouldn’t be running 12. and 18. under any circumstances. If this is how fast I run when I take weights easy on the Thursday then it’s no wonder my races are so poor.

Mar 28

Track Work
50, 60m falling. 6.22mon, 7.23mon

Bench Press
3 x 77.5kg
3 x 87.5kg
5 x 100kg

DB Rows
3 x 8 x 42.5kg

Side Bridge 2 x 80 secs
Front Bridge 2 x 100 secs

Mar 29

Front Squat
5 x 80kg
5 x 92.5kg
7 x 105kg

Reverse Lunges
2 x 12 x 33.5kg

Hang Power Cleans
2 x 4 x 78.5kg

Ab Wheel, 3 x 7

Sleep deprived and not in the mood, scrambled through the workout and will be getting an early night.

Mar 31

Track Work
2 x 3 x 80m, 30m intensity limit (stop accelerating), falling start. 9.34, 9.31, 9.40 – 9.31, 9.26 PB, 9.26 =PB.

Back Squats
5 x 107.5kg
5 x 122.5kg
5 x 140kg

KB Swings
2 x 15 x 18.5kg

New warm-up that’s really getting me fresh for track, short recovery runs so to p.b. with an intensity limit too was a good step forward. Was tired for squats so did bare minimum, and no abs as they still hurt from circuits yesterday.