Reply To: Vert Code Elite (Feb 2020)




29 Apr – 1 May

Deload days, I had an epsom salt bath and did an extra mobility routine. I’m rehabbing my ankle so there was no light cardio, though I could have done some rowing if I really wanted to.

2 May

Foam Roll & Dynamic WU
1st Step Exercise – 3 sets
Weighted DB Skip – 3 sets
Hurdle Jumps – 4 sets
Step Up Variation – 3 sets
Jump Practice – 10 mins

I was hesitant about this session because the moves looked like they required a lot of coordination but I found them manageable and enjoyable.

3 May

Core/balance/feet supersets
Additional ankle exercise – 2 sets

There’s less emphasis on the foot and ankles now so I’m adding in my own exercises. This is something he suggests you do later in the program as he gives you the freedom to choose what you want rather than programming everything you do.

4 May

Foam Roll & Dynamic WU
Agility drill – 4 sets
Bounding – 2 sets
Hurdle Jumps – 4 sets
Weighted Pistol Variation – 3 sets
RDL – 6 x 60kg, 2 x 6 x 70kg

Another enjoyable session, bounding is very high impact and my technique needs some work. I was impressed with my change of direction in the agility drill, it’s very clear I’ve improved and it’s a shame I didn’t do some sort of test in week 0 to show how much better I am now.

Here’s the RDL, I appreciate how much you can improve without weights but I still love lifting and was pleased to see this feature