Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)



I’m coming back to Tuck Planche as I really want to nail it for 20 seconds then get into advanced tuck.

8 Apr

Tuck Planche – 15, 10 secs
PPPu – 8,8,6
Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 11 secs

I did a short session on the living room floor and having had time away from tucks I started off with a personal best of 15 seconds (previous was 13 secs on 22 Jan). I’m confident I have the exercises to improve and I’ll implement them in twice weekly training and work my way to 20 seconds.

12 Apr

Tuck Planche – 10,9,10,5,5 secs
Raised Planche Lean – 20, 16 secs

I was surprised at how weak I felt when doing these and that it was a real struggle to get to 10 seconds compared to a few days earlier. Typing it up now I realised that I did circuit training with a lot of push ups and some planche lean a few days ago and that must have knackered me. I will look to train either Wed/Sat or Wed/Sun and stick to the 4-5 exercises I feel are most beneficial. I have renewed my patience but I’m expecting to hit 20 seconds by my first session of May.