Reply To: Vert Code Elite (Feb 2020)


    PHASE 2

    WEEK 5

    5-6 Mar

    Deload days including more extensive foam rolling, stretching and gentle cycling.

    7 Mar

    6 x ~60 yard sprints (9.86, 8.77, 8.49, 8.26, 8.40, 8.37)
    Broad Jump, Power Skips, Jump Practice
    Split Stance Squat 8 x 60kg, 2 x 8 x 80kg

    I don’t have access to a track and the football/rugby pitches near me are quite bobbly, so I ran uphill on the tarmac road near me. The first few were submax and the times are only comparable to future sessions.

    8 Mar

    9 stretches
    4 supersets (core, balance, feet)

    I skipped a few of the stretches as I passed all the flexibility tests before starting this. These were new supersets but I preferred phase 1 and the ab exercises are run of the mill.

    10 Mar

    Dynamic Warmup
    A1 Unilateral squat variation w 15kg DB
    A2 Posterior Chain Exercise
    B1-3 Agility Drills
    C1 Max ISO Hold 170-190kg
    C2 Resistance Band Jumps
    D1 Weighted Jump variation
    D2 Depth Drop variation
    Hex DL/RDL 4 x 110,100,100kg
    Unilateral Osc Squat – BW only
    SL Calf superset

    This was about 1h45 but felt like it was taking ages. I studied the videos the previous day but still had to re-watch a few as this is almost all new to me. I really liked a lot of these exercises and I feel like my legs have been thoroughly worked. This was tougher than phase 1 and so it’s possible my vert will go down a bit as I adapt to this.

    Here’s superset C