Reply To: Jump Science 2.0 (October 2019)


27 Oct

Depth Drop – 4 x 5 x 60cm
Tuck Jumps – 4 x 10
Rhythm Jumps – 3 x 10
OH Squat – 5 x 20kg, 3 x 5 x 30kg
Hex DL – 100,110,130,130,135, 5 x 1 x 140kg

New template for weeks 4-6, tuck jumps were in Vert Shock and I liked them. I was doing my DL singles with 90-120 secs rest which seems sufficient.

29 Oct

Single Leg Vert – 3 x 5
Depth Jump – 4 x 5 x 45cm
Broad Jumps – 5 x 5 (10.90 to 11.40m)

Depth jumps feel like a standard part of any jumps program now. I was aware that with the wet and slightly slippery surface my ground contact time might increase so I’ll be wary of that next time. Broad jumps were on damp tarmac with a slight incline, a little disappointed with the measurements without really knowing what to expect. I would think 2.30-2.50m would be good so five of those would be more like 11.5 to 12.5 metres but I guess the incline cuts that short.

31 Oct

CMJ – 53,55,57,56,56cm
2 Step Approach – 5 x 1
Full Approach 2 foot – 11 x 1
Full Approach 1 foot – 5 x 1 per leg
OH squat – 5 x 20, 30, 40, 40kg
Box Squats – 5 x 80kg, 4 x 5 x 100kg

Jumps were good today, finally dry ground. I should note weeks 1-4 my PB CMJ has been 57cm, 56cm, 57cm and 57cm, I would have liked to make some progress even while fatigued. I wasn’t getting the height I expected in my running jumps either but since my technique needs a lot of work that was the main focus. I felt like I could come in faster and not panic about foot placement which is a sign of progress.

Here’s one of my 11 full approach off 2 feet, I did 8 from this side and 3 from my less natural side.