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Book 11 – Salt Sugar Fat

  Three ingredients – Sugar, Salt and Fat – contribute to the growing obesity epidemic across the world. A main source in our diet comes from PROCESSED FOODS, such as crisps, cookies, ready meals and other “convenience” food. The processed food manufacturers spent much of the 70’s and 80’s pumping vast quantities of each of these into the foods, in ... Read More »

Seated Cable Row, Inverted Row, Power Shrug, Lat Pulldown, Back Extension

back exercises

Seated Cable Row This hits Rhomboids, Lower/Mid Traps and Lats. Keep your scapula depressed as best you can during the movement. Keep elbows in and pull to mid-torso. Squeeze shoulder blades together and briefly pause before returning to start.   Inverted Row Set the bar slightly higher than arm length, to allow torso to be off the ground at the ... Read More »

Book 10 – The Happiness Hypothesis

happiness hypothesis

My measure of a good book is that it improves the way you think about the world after reading it, and for me this book delivers. He goes into the research behind the mechanisms for our emotions and notes that certain types of happiness are an endless pursuit.   For example, beyond a “comfortable” level of income, you will have ... Read More »

Book 9 – Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

I’m caught in two minds here. The book covers all the basic principles, but having read a similar book prior to this, there was almost no new content. If you want one book for muscle gain and fat loss, read Bigger Leaner Stronger. What this book does cover in more detail is the macro-nutrients and strategies for eating the right ... Read More »

Book 8 – Becoming A Supple Leopard

supple leopard kelly starrett

This is both an Operating Manual and a Troubleshooting Guide for the human body. I CANNOT recommend this book highly enough and I can’t believe I didn’t purchase it when it first came out. Kelly Starrett is the founder of MobilityWOD, for those of you not familiar with CrossFit the WOD stands for “Workout Of the Day”. Originally posting some ... Read More »

Book 7 – Mindless Eating

mindless eating brian wnasink

Has your weight slowly crept up over the last few months and years? Would you know if you had eaten 100 calories too many today? How about 100 calories too few? Brian Wansink is a PhD researcher who has set up hundreds of studies to determine our eating habits. He reveals some very worrying trends about how the environment around ... Read More »

Book 6 – Bigger Leaner Stronger

bigger leaner stronger michael matthews

If you are new to lifting weights and eating well then I cannot recommend this book highly enough. This is EXACTLY what you need to do to gain muscle. For the advanced trainers – you won’t learn much you don’t already know, but laying it out in such a practical way might highlight a part of your regime that’s fallen off track. It has ... Read More »

Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

This is a real eye-opener for anyone who lifts weights. Chris Bell’s documentary focuses on steroid use in sports, as well as his own experience, along with his two brothers Mark and Mike. My Notes: Mark “Smelly” Bell, Mike “Mad Dog” Bell and Chris Bell (Director) three brothers All three started weight training around the same time Mad Dog played ... Read More »

Band Resisted Push-ups, Decline DB Bench Press, Chest Press Machine, Pec Deck

Band Resisted Push-ups Use a band tough enough to provide decent resistance, while still allowing full extension. Loop the band around each arm and across the mid-tricep. Perform either on a low barbell or on the floor. Decline Dumbbell Bench Press This hits the sternocostal head. Make sure legs are secured! Palms facing away, forearms perpendicular to floor. Drop the ... Read More »

Book 5 – Low Carb Performance

For those of you who have heard of the Ketogenic Diet, this is a great book. The diet involves reducing your carbohydrate intake to the point where your body becomes “fat adapted” and burns more fat as fuel. This is a nutritional strategy employed by a lot of triathletes and ultra-marathon runners, as you can fuel your body in a ... Read More »