Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)


    WEEK 46

    19 Aug

    Advanced Tuck Planche – 8,7,2
    Advanced Frogstand Leg Extension – 3 attempts
    Pseudo Waistline Hold – 4 x 5 secs

    I watched more tutorials and saw a great exercise called pseudo waistline holds which I added in. You lower from a PPPu and hold yourself just off the floor, importantly position your hands so they are down by your waist. This is a very intense isometric and the goal is 5 seconds.

    22 Aug

    L-sit to Tuck Planche – 4 x 5
    Pseudo Waistline Hold – 6 x 5 secs

    Instead of the L-sit to straddle I went back to the traditional tuck, which I can hold for a few secs before returning to L-sit. This was a great exercise for lower body control and raising the hips in a tuck planche so I wanted to bring it back. I really like the pseudo waistline hold, my muscles feel far more challenged than some of the stuff I’ve been doing previously.

    Feet are against a wall, and you can position the hands while lying down so you know they’re going to be level with your waist, then come back into a push up position and lower from there.