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February – Daily Squats Challenge

squat challenge

Welcome to our Monthly Challenges Did you know you subconsciously work harder when there’s an end date to your goals? The shorter time frame keeps you actively putting effort in, particularly when it’s the end of the month. Your Goal in February is: 100 Squats a Day The Challenge We can’t go the first two months without an exercise-based challenge, …

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All Chest Exercises

On this page we provide links to all 16 of our favourite chest exercises. Whether you want to hit the upper, lower or mid-chest, these exercises guarantee a full description of the movement and tips on when to place them in your workout. Warm Up The chest exercises below are excellent for warming up before a chest workout. The explosive …

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All Bicep Exercises

best bicep exercises bigger arms

  Here I outline the 14 best bicep exercises for building serious guns. Whether you want to specifically target the short head, long head or brachialis, these moves will add overall shape to your upper arms and most importantly – size! Short Head These bicep exercises target the Short Head, which is found on the inside of the upper arm. …

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StrongLifts 5 x 5

Another very popular bodybuilding/strength routine is called StrongLifts 5 x 5, which as you guessed it, involves doing 5 sets of 5 reps. The article can be found here. As with all good workout programs, it centres around Five Big Lifts. Back Squat – Bench Press – Deadlift – Overhead Press – Barbell Row This is a very basic yet …

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Westside For Skinny Bastards (WS4SB)

The “Westside” Template is by Joe DeFranco and can be found here. It is a three day layout and this template is designed for ATHLETES. By that I mean they have sport specific training and conditioning sessions several times a week, so three lifting sessions is plenty. The basic setup is below. Feel free to move the days around but …

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Wendler’s 5/3/1

5/3/1 calculator

The Program I don’t want to immediately send you away from the page but you can see the original Wendler’s 5/3/1 Program here. The workouts revolve around Four Key Lifts: Back Squat – Deadlift – Bench Press – Overhead Press Beyond that I personally recommend Four Assistance Lifts: Back Squat – Romanian Deadlifts – Bent Over Row – Chin Ups/Pull Ups …

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The Complete Guide To Training Your Back – Short Version

ws4sb training program

Start with Page 1 if you need Basic Anatomy, Back Exercises, Articles and Videos. Key Rules For Back Training If the goal is strength, use 4-7 reps per set If the goal is mass, use 8-12 reps per set If the goal is definition, use 15-25 reps per set Use 3-4 exercises, excluding Rear Delt/Upper Trap work Aim for 50-70 …

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The Basics Of Carb Cycling

Read on to find out How Carb Cycling Works and How It Can Benefit You. What Is Carb Cycling? Carbohydrate (Carb) Cycling is proven to be an effective way to either improve fat loss, or to limit fat gain while trying to build muscle. Your carbohydrates are the breads, pasta, grains and fruits in your diet. The main concept is …

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The Complete Guide To Training Your Triceps – Short Version

Start with Page 1 if you need Basic Anatomy, Tricep Exercises, Articles and Videos. Key Rules For Tricep Training Stick to 9 to 12 sets for Triceps Use a warm-up set of 10-12 reps at a lighter weight to get the blood flowing (this doesn’t count towards your 9-12 sets) To give variety to the muscle, use 3-4 exercises in …

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The Complete Guide To Training Your Biceps – Short Version

Start with Page 1 if you need Basic Anatomy, Bicep Exercises, Articles and Videos. Key Rules For Bicep Training If you are a beginner, try training your biceps three times a week for six weeks. For the intermediate lifter, training them directly every 5-7 days is sufficient, as they train indirectly when you do other workouts Work with 8-12 sets …

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