Healthy Snack Idea – Dark Chocolate and Chopped Nuts

This is inspired by Dr Valter Longo’s The Longevity Diet, which suggested a “nut and whole-grain dark chocolate bar” as a suitable snack. The problem with most of these snack bars is that the added sugar makes them far less healthy than the main ingredients on their own. Here’s an example, the Eat Natural Protein Bar with peanuts and chocolate. …

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Simple Greek Yoghurt and Berries Recipe

Greek Yoghurt and Strawberries

This is a fairly low calorie breakfast with a good dose of protein and a range of other benefits. The main health benefits have been listed next to the specific ingredients. If you go for the 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt the entire meal is under 200 calories. This is LOW if you are used to having something more substantial but …

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Simple Oatmeal and Eggs Recipe

Porridge and Eggs

Oatmeal is a breakfast staple for a lot of the bodybuilding population, while eggs are also considered a staple. The combination seems strange, but merely adds thickness to the oats with no unusual taste. The main health benefits of each ingredient are listed alongside them. It’s important to keep a good ratio of egg:oatmeal, I suggest reducing it to a …

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Simple Chicken and Buckwheat Recipe

Chicken and Buckwheat

This is not a Jamie Oliver style recipe with superfluous ingredients, the focus here is on good nutrition rather than incredible flavour. Chicken is a bodybuilding staple and the carbohydrate sources are interchangeable in most cases. The main health benefits of each ingredient are listed beside them. This is suitable as a lunch or a dinner, and can also be …

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Simple Salmon & Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Salmon, Sweet Potato and Broccoli

You will notice with these recipes that the ingredients are kept to a bare minimum. This is ideal if you don’t often prepare food at home and need only the basics. It is of course up to you should you wish to add herbs, spices or sauces to the Salmon and Sweet Potato recipe. Salmon is a great source of …

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Homemade No Bake Protein Flapjacks

This is a super simple, nutritionally balanced recipe for protein flapjacks that will take just a few minutes to prepare and has absolutely ZERO cooking time. No Bake Protein Flapjacks Makes 12 pieces Ingredients: 1 chopped banana 250ml coconut cream 210g whey protein powder 150g natural peanut butter 300g uncooked natural oats Method: Combine the banana, coconut cream, protein powder …

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