How Many Calories In Quiznos?

On this page you can see how many calories are in the most popular menu items from Quiznos. These are ordered from lowest to highest calorie and i’ve also thrown in some of the highest calorie options on the menu. One important point is that restaurants often use a lot of salt and you should be aware the Recommended Daily Allowance for salt is 6 grams, which equates to 2,300mg of sodium.

If you like the format of these please feel free to share them on social media! I have a dedicated Instagram account for the high calorie dishes which can be found here.

calories quiznos chicken noodle soup

calories quiznos broccoli cheese soup calories quiznos apple harvest chicken salad calories quiznos honey mustard chicken salad calories quiznos tuna melt sub calories quiznos mesquite sub calories quiznos chipotle turkey sub calories quiznos honey mustard sub calories quiznos carbonara sub calories quiznos meatball sub

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