How To Make A Sandbag/Powerbag For Conditioning Workouts

A sandbag is a great conditioning tool to incorporate into your routine.

It’s also a great piece of home gym equipment so you can work out without going to a public gym.

Personally i’ve used my sandbag for some of the 50 Greyskull Conditioning Workouts which i’ve been using for fat loss. Let’s get started…

What You Need

  1. A bag of sand or gravel matching the desired weight you need for conditioning (mine is 20kg)
  2. Heavy Duty Bags (I used Rubble Sacks)
  3. Extra Strong Duct Tape (at least 15 metres/50 feet)
make your own sandbag powerbag home gym equipment

What To Do

  1. Place the Sand/Gravel bag (without opening it) inside one of the Heavy Duty Sacks.
  2. The outer sack is likely much larger than the inner bag, so fold any excess parts over on itself
  3. Wrap THOROUGHLY in duct tape, preferably overlapping the tape for the whole surface
  4. Start exercising!


Bad: Note the gaps in the tape where the blue bag is still visible

My first attempt split in under a minute because I didn’t tape it properly

Good: 100% coverage with the tape, plenty of overlapping across the whole surface.

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