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    Hey, so to populate this I thought i’d copy over the questions I receive on my YouTube channel (My Channel).

    Q: You did 10 reps of stomach vacuums per day, would it be unhealthy to do more daily, say 30 reps?

    A: It’s definitely more about the intensity of each hold than the total number of them. You could try 10 reps spread out three times a day but make sure each one feels like it’s working and don’t be afraid to miss some reps if you’re sore.

    Q: (Stomach Vacuums) How much rest between reps?

    A: See how you feel, I need about 15 seconds. I do a few relaxed breaths and then do the next rep when I feel ready. Since you want to keep the intensity high you don’t need to rush into the next rep, just take your time :-)

    Q: (Stomach Vacuums) Will it remove belly fat?

    A: No, burning more calories than you consume will remove fat, stomach vacuums just strengthens the muscles underneath the belly :-)

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