Reply To: Pre-Season Fitness for Soccer (Apr 2019)


    Starting Stats (1st April)

    Weight: 74.2kg
    Estimated 1RM squat test: 5 x 120kg (135kg)
    Broad Jump: 252cm
    Standing Vert CMJ: 53.5cm
    Bleep Test: Lvl 9 shuttle 11
    QC Step Test VO2: 50.8
    Peak Exp Flow: 735 L/min

    Finishing Stats (11-12th May)

    Weight: 73.5kg
    Estimated 1RM squat test: 2 x 120kg (123kg)
    Broad Jump: N/A
    Standing Vert CMJ: N/A
    Bleep Test: Lvl 9 shuttle 11
    QC Step Test VO2: 50.8
    Peak Exp Flow: 745 L/min

    After all this I ended up scoring the same in both the step test and the bleep test, and slightly better in Peak Flow. With my hamstring injury I was never going to do well in the strength & power tests, so I didn’t even bother trying a broad jump or CMJ as it’s not a fair comparison. I gave squats a go and my T-spine felt weak which made me stop after two reps.

    Overall I would change a few things before suggesting this program to others, which I’ll address in more detail when I make a video:
    1) aerobic to Interval Training should be 4:1, while this had no aerobic. I would add in a 30-40 minute run once a week of steady state.
    2) Without being biased by tearing my hamstring, the sprints aren’t ideal. To minimise risk of injury I would cut it off at 20m and maybe only do 8 x 10m, 4 x 20m in the first session and build that volume up too.
    3) The program assumes we have some strength to hold on to, in the way it uses a 2 x 3 scheme for the big lifts. The friend who requested this hasn’t been to the gym all year so for him I would simply put in 3 x 6-8 of a main lift instead. I wouldn’t have new trainees go straight into moderately heavy triples.