Reply To: Pre-Season Fitness for Soccer (Apr 2019)


    3 May

    Hex Bar DL – 2 x 3 x 130kg
    Swiss Ball HS Curl – 2 x 10
    Hip Thrusts – 3 x 10 x 90kg
    Sprinter Sit ups – 3 x 20
    Conditioning: Jump Squats 150 in 7:36 (cramp)

    I needed 3 sets of HS curls to “complete” the next level but I was clearly capable of that so moved on to hip thrusts. I got calf cramp during jump squats so they took a lot longer. This session is two days early as I have a super busy day on the 5th.

    6 May

    Pushups – 23,22,21
    A1 Chin Ups – 3 x 10
    A2 Face Pulls – 3 x 10
    Lat Raises – 4 x 12 x 3.5kg
    B1 BB Shrug – 3 x 10 x 80kg
    B2 DB Tri Ext – 3 x 10 x 15kg
    Swiss Ball Situps – 3 x 12 x 20kg

    Good session, flying up for chin ups and shrugs were strong too.

    7 May

    Running warm up –
    Grass Shuttle Runs: 4 x 4 mins (3 mins rest)

    Similar pace to last week but with a minute less rest. When I do something like this I think back to a book on habits where there’s three zones: comfort, stretch and stress. You panic yourself in the stress zone by trying too much and you don’t change at all in your comfort zone. I was trying to keep a pace that meant my breathing was uncomfortable but not extreme and not letting up for the whole 4 minutes. I can tell from the pace I go through the first rep in that my fitness is in a better place than week 1.