Reply To: Full Summer Sprint Program (Mar 2023)


    Comp 5

    21 Jul

    Drills – AABB x 2
    Bike Tempo – 111,212,111 lvl 6, 150W
    GS Circuit – 2 x 10 (3:16, 3:06)

    Drills (160m), Bike Tempo (1100m), Circuits (240 reps)

    22 Jul

    Drills – A Walk, A March, A Skip, A Switch, Triple A – 2 x 20m
    Skips for Height, Distance – 2 x 20m
    2 x 5m with cones
    2 x 10m with cones
    Falling 2 x 10m, 3 pt 2 x 10m
    Falling 2 x 20m, 3 pt 2 x 20m
    Accel Drill – 4 x 2 sets
    Non-CM Jumps – 3 x 5
    A1 Reverse Plank March – 3 x 8
    A2 Terminal Knee Extension (banded) – 3 x 10

    Drills (280m), Accels (150m), Jumps (15), Drills (28 reps), Circuit (24 reps), Mobility (3 sets)

    I did a Speed Code workout as a way of taking it easy the next two weeks. I’m aware that the 10 and 20m runs are probably something that belong in October of SPP but I’m getting a feel for whether I want to incorporate anything next season.

    23 Jul

    Cooper Test – 2908m
    A1 Pull ups – 2 x 8
    A2 Handstands – 2 x 30 secs

    I’m doing a six week experiment that had to finish with a 12 minute Cooper test. I set off way too fast and did not enjoy anything beyond 800m.

    24 Jul

    MB Throws – 4 x 3
    Drills – A Walk, A March, A Skip, A Switch, Triple A – 2 x 20m
    Drills – ACK, Dribble Bleed, SL bound w run out – 2 x 20m
    Wicket runs – 4 x 20m
    4 x 20E20F
    DB Power Skips – 3 x 20m x 5kg per leg
    Bosch Snatch – 3 x 4
    A1 Nordic Curls – 2 x 5 (4 secs)
    A2 Seated Leg Kicks – 2 x 8 secs
    Airborne Lunge – 3 x 8

    Throws (12), Drills (440m), Accels (40m), Max Vel (40m), Circuit (70 reps), Drills (12 reps)

    I’ve seen wicket drills (in my case small cones) on Instagram but never done them myself. I did actually notice a difference in my front side mechanics so there’s potentially something there to help me improve. I was playing around with the distances because I’ve no idea what suits my stride length.

    25 Jul

    The Speed Code – Week 6 Day 4 (core/mobility)

    Core sets (9), Mobility sets (9)

    I was jumping ahead on the core so having to repeat a few weeks. Next week I’ll move on to week 7 even though the speed sessions will be week 6.

    26 Jul

    Plyo Series – 3 x 3
    Broad Jump – 252cm
    Accels – 30m in 4.37 (-1 m/s wind)
    Blocks – 3 x 30m
    80m (40/40f) in 5.41/2.26/2.23 (9.91)
    100m (40/30f/30f) in 5.43/3.32/3.39 (12.15)
    120m (40/30f/30f/20f) in 5.48/3.29/3.30/2.35 (14.42)
    Back Squat – 2 x 2 x 112.5kg
    Bench Press – 2 x 2 x 97.5kg
    DB Rows – 2 x 6 x 40kg
    Pull ups – 2 x 6 x 10kg

    Jumps (48), Accel (210m), Max Velocity (210m), Lower body (450kg), Upper body (2310kg)

    Slightly less wind and slightly faster than last week.

    I am struggling a bit this week because I’m using PDFs of the sprint coaching I had at University but I’ve lost the one for late July & August so I’m making it up as I go along. That’s why I’ve been including the Speed Code workouts as there’s at least some progression.

    Looking at the race calendar the open on 8th August is probably too soon, meaning I could do one or both of the 21st and 28th August. The 28th is a Bank Holiday which is ideal because I’ll be able to run at peak time rather than 7pm at night, so while it means training another 4 weeks it’s probably the best option for me.