Reply To: 7 Weeks to 100 Push Ups (Mar 2023)


    7 May

    Warm up
    Pushups – 58
    Cool down

    As with my first test I did this mid-morning and with a metronome set at 50 beats per minute. My body doesn’t feel completely recovered but it may be I need a load of soft tissue work to fix that.

    9 May

    Warm up
    Pushups – 60
    Cool down

    I gave it 48 hours and tried again, this time mid-afternoon and with a metronome at 52 beats per minute. I felt worse going into this than I did 2 days ago but due to scheduling I can’t really fit this in any other time. I was happy to reach 60 but wanted more.

    10 May

    Weight – 71.4kg, 16.3% body fat
    Measurements: Bicep tensed (36.5cm), Chest (103cm), Waist (81cm)

    Bench Press – 1 x 110kg

    I was pleased to see my 1RM hasn’t moved, and in fact this went up a little smoother than my attempt back in March prior to this program. That said, I have put on 2.3kg (1.7kg is muscle) so by body-weight strength I’m weaker.

    Here are my 58 reps