Reply To: 7 Weeks to 100 Push Ups (Mar 2023)


    WEEK 3

    31 Mar

    Warm up
    Push ups – 12,15,10,10,27
    Cool down

    Having spent the first two weeks at 75 seconds rest and 90 seconds before the final set, I’m now using 90 seconds rest and 2 minutes for the final set. That was probably the main factor in my final setting extending out to 27.

    2 Apr

    Warm up
    Push ups – 14,17,12,12,28

    Rather than feeling less fatigued at e.g. rep number 12, I just seem to be able to extend the number of reps I can do with tired arms. It’s nice to get higher numbers but it doesn’t help with confidence to still feel shaky by the 15th rep – especially with a lofty goal of 100 pushups. This workout immediately preceded a longer conditioning session so there was no specific cool down straight after.

    4 Apr

    Warm up
    Push ups – 16,20,14,14,26
    Cool down

    Looking ahead, in particular to week 4 day 5 (23,27,21,21,30+) I don’t feel I can achieve that right now. I’m going to implement palmer cooling with a portable fan, as well as possibly extending the rest out further by 15-30 seconds. I want to try just the palmer cooling so I know how much of my improvements can be attributed to just that.