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SPP Week 3 of 8

14 Nov

Box Jumps – 3 x 5
MB Throws – 2 x 5
Block Starts – 2 x 10, 2 x 20, 30m
2 x 2 x EFE 60m [5 mins/6 mins]
2 x 60m (30m IL) [7 mins] in 7.88, 7.90 (no wind)
Back Squat – 3 x 6 x 100kg
Side Lunge – 2 x 8 x 20kg
A1 Banded Nordic Curls – 2 x 4 (4 secs lower)
A2 Seated Leg Kicks – 2 x 8 secs

I’ve been shifting all my workouts by one day to accommodate a new schedule. I didn’t have time to do all the weights so those will have to be tomorrow morning. Happy with my 60m times given I’m still shutting down at 30m and maintaining the speed I have, though probably only 1/10th more to go. Once my weights shift to the lower rep ranges I expect to start cutting those hand times down further.

15 Nov

Bench Press – 3 x 6 x 75kg
BB Rows – 2 x 8 x 65kg
DB Rows – 1 x 8 x 27.5kg
Pull ups – 8,8,6 x 10kg
Swiss Ball Hyperextensions – 3 x 8

Bike Tempo – 111,321,212,111 (level 5, 100rpm, 135W)
Hip Mobility (AH)
A Skip, B Skip, Run A, Run B – 2 x 20m

I switched to DB rows and can go heavier there. I also moved my bike tempo before the mobility work so that the bike work acts as a warm up and I’m also finishing the workout by improving my hip RoM.

I had to cut the session short as my stomach wasn’t feeling great, this was an early morning workout and I assumed it was the banana I ate but I felt poorly all day and by 4pm I was throwing up everywhere.

16-19 Nov

Off sick, stomach bug.

I went to a soft play centre on the Sunday and stupidly forgot to wash my hands before eating. Have been on the BRAT diet for 2-3 days and well below my usual calorie intake.

20 Nov

Bike Tempo – 111,212,111 (level 5, 100rpm, 135W)
Hip Mobility (AH)
A Skip, B Skip, Run A, Run B – 2 x 20m
A1 Pull ups – 2 x 10
A2 Seated Dips – 2 x 20
A3 L-Sit hold – 2 x 15 secs

First workout since being ill. I weighed in at 69kg, meaning I’ve lost around 1kg since last week. Obviously not feeling 100% but hopeful I can do my track session tomorrow as usual.

Here’s a clip from my very first block session on the 12th. I actually felt like the first settings I chose were pretty spot on but I’ve forgotten what I should be working on in my first steps.