Reply To: 2022 Training Log


    3 July

    Body-weight deep squat – 7 x ~4 mins

    This was from Ido Portal’s squat challenge, with the aim being to accumulate 30 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days (it’s called the 30/30 squat challenge). This was surprisingly tough and my legs couldn’t do much more than 4 minutes at any one time. I could barely stand up from the position by the end and I was holding onto a table to stop me falling backwards.

    4 July

    Body-weight deep squat – 6 x 5 mins

    My lower back feels weak but thoracic spine feels more mobile. This was also easier on the legs.

    5 July

    Body-weight deep squat – 4 x 7.5 mins

    This was rushed at the end of the day and probably disrupted my sleep. For that reason it’s too much of a time commitment to fit in during my day and so I stopped here.

    8 July

    Running – 6.05km (3.75 miles) in 37.5 mins

    Only writing this do I realise I was averaging exactly 10 minute/mile pace. I took it relatively easy and worked on nasal breathing throughout. I don’t have 4G at the moment so I couldn’t map my route with my phone so had to approximate it afterwards. I’ll try to run twice a week and introduce one weights session before I decide what my next project will be.