Reply To: Grip Training (December 2021)


    15 Mar

    Power Grip – 2 x 3 x 5 secs
    Sock Stretch – 50 reps

    This is my idea of a taper, reduce volume by 60-70% for a few sessions.

    17 Mar

    Power Grip – 2 x 3 x 5 secs
    Sock Stretch – 50 reps

    20 Mar

    Left: 57.4, 56.6, 56.2
    Right: 61.4, 56.3, 56.8

    Well that settles it, I have no idea how to taper forearm training. The right hand is actually a marginal personal best (previous 61.1kg) but the series overall was mediocre. I’ll test my grip again in 2-3 days and if it’s no better I won’t even write it here.

    That’s the “program” over, from a 6 test average (3 per hand) of 49.7kg on the first day to a peak of 58.2kg. There a total of five efforts above 60kg on various days so not quite the consistency to repeat it. That means a gain of 17% in grip strength across 12-14 weeks, using only the Grip Master, which I’m pleased with. It won’t be too long a video so I should be able to have the results up on YouTube in the next few weeks.