Reply To: Grip Training (December 2021)


8 Mar

Power Grip – 4 x 5 x 5 secs
Sock Stretch – 50 reps

I really thought I could sneak a 6th rep but 5 seems to be a sticking point.

10 Mar

Power Grip – 3 x 5 x 5 secs
Sock Stretch – 50 reps

I dropped a set here with a sense that I’m repeating my pattern of overtraining that I did with the Heavy Tension Grip Master. I don’t feel any stronger than the previous week so why should my numbers improve on testing day?

13 Mar

Left: 57.4, 58.7, 56.9
Right: 60.1, 56.5, 54.7

Sock Stretch – 50 reps

With those scores I’ve decided to ease off, and I’ll do something like 2 sets of 3 to allow my forearms time to recover. The first break I took resulted in a drop of strength, possibly because I stopped completely, so hopefully continuing a little grip work keeps me up in the 60kg+ category.

I don’t really know how to train grip and it may work entirely differently to the muscle groups I’m more familiar with, but I will “taper” for 7-10 days, take a final few tests and then share my results on YouTube.