Reply To: 2022 Training Log


22 Feb

Around The Square – 3 x 4
Front Squats – 5 x 60kg, 5 x 70kg, 8 x 77.5kg
Stiff Leg Deadlift – 5 x 10 x 52.5kg

Back after a week of rest and a short illness. I skipped ahead in 5/3/1 again, I feel ready to really challenge my legs.

24 Feb

Around the Square – 3 x 4
Stiff Leg Deadlift – 5 x 50kg, 5 x 57.5kg, 8 x 65kg
Front Squats – 5 x 10 x 65kg

Front squats were tough, very tired legs after that. In danger of “majoring in the minors” as that’s not really the work set.

27 Feb

Running: 1 mile in 6:47
3 x 400m in 1:45 (2 mins) 400m in 1:24

A good session, aiming for 7 minute mile pace and then going for it on the final lap. I then did the same pace for three circuits before the final effort was at the pace I’d like to eventually hold for a mile.

My legs are toast and my Oura ring is saying I haven’t recovered, which I would agree with. I changed my sleep pattern to get less total sleep but not as much night waking, I now have a regular 6am wake up which I’m still getting used to.