Reply To: Grip Training (December 2021)


5 Feb

Left: 51.6, 49.7, 48.7
Right: 51.4, 50.6, 48.9

That brings 8 weeks to an end. My average from a best of 3 started at 49-50kg, rose to 54kg by week 6 then reached a plateau and even dropped a bit when I tried to take days off.

I’ve been using the Heavy Tension Grip Master (9lbs) but have now ordered the XX-Heavy (13lbs). I skipped the 11lbs because I can probably do a few reps on the most difficult one already.

8 Feb

Power Grip – 3 x 10 x 5 secs
Sock Stretch – 50 reps

I switched from holds to reps on the finger extensor work (stretching a sports sock, hence the exercise name). I ditched the Power Pinch as my little finger doesn’t need its own workout.

10 Feb

Power Grip – 2 x 3 x 5 secs (NEW XX-Heavy Tension Grip Master)
Sock stretch – 50 reps

Wow. There’s a considerable size difference which makes wrapping my fingers round the new one quite tough. I can’t quite put the middle section of each finger over the end which is a little frustrating. My little finger can’t close it but the other three finger can (index finger only just!). All future exercises will be with the XX-Heavy tension unless specified.

13 Feb

Power Grip – 4,3,4 x 5 secs
Sock stretch – 50 reps

Left: 54.0, 52.6, 53.4
Right: 51.8, 52.8, 53.4

Still settling into this new gripper, it’s so much harder but I’ve gone from 9lbs to 13lbs which is almost 50% so no real surprise. If I took up a new exercise in the gym and could only do 3-4 reps I’d expect to take months to reach 10 reps, so we’ll see. I’ll test my grip each Sunday and if it keeps trending upwards I’ll stick with it.