Reply To: Grip Training (December 2021)


26 Jan

Left: 53.0, 53.5, 55.1
Right: 52.5, 53.6, 52.7

28 Jan

Left: 50.7, 49.0, 49.6
Right: 50.2, 48.2, 47.4

30 Jan

Left: 55.5, 50.2, 48.1
Right: 50.6, 49.7, 47.6

I don’t know where that 55 came from, but that’s the end of week 7 and I plan to approach this again with the XX-Heavy Tension Grip Master. I’m now capable of 3 sets of 10 reps with 5 second holds for the “power grip”, and the power pinch is only really training my little finger.

I tested each finger separately as well as testing without my little finger, and it contributes 5-6kg towards my total score. The heavy tension grip master I own is only actually 9lbs of force per finger, so everything but my little finger can achieve that easily. The XX-Heavy is 13lbs and the most resistance they sell, so if I can’t improve with that then my question is answered whether they offer any benefit for weightlifters.