Reply To: Soccer Ball Throw Ins (Oct 2021)


    WEEK 8

    29 Nov

    Throw In Technique – 20 throws
    Throw Ins (Session 18) – 10 throws, median 18.7m
    MB Slams – 4 x 5 x 5kg
    EZ Bar Skull Crushers – 5 x 10 x 21kg
    Pull ups – 6 x 5

    It was 2 degrees in my garden and my fingertips were numb after the first throw. This had a big impact on my ability to grip the ball, which led to some very poor misthrows. I wanted to wake up my triceps with skull crushers but not go too heavy, but this ended up giving me about 6 days of DOMS 🙂

    3 Dec

    Pull ups – 3 x 6
    Machine Rows – 3 x 8 x 25kg per side

    I was doing a leg session in a public gym and threw in some upper body

    WEEK 9

    8 Dec

    Throw In Technique – 100 throws

    I was aiming for a metal structure as part of a basketball hoop and standing 22-24ft away. I do get the sense this is very valuable practice and an important part of a well rounded program.

    11 Dec

    Throw In Technique – 20 throws
    Throw Ins (Session 19) – 10 throws, median 19.45m
    MB Slams – 4 x 5 x 5kg
    Pull ups – 7 x 5

    It was a little warmer today but still 4-5 degrees and I had some misthrows (travelling about 15m). I did however set a new personal best of 21.4m. I haven’t hit a really nice throw yet and when I do I feel I have another metre or more to go. I’m also restricting myself to a 2.5 metre run up and even extending that to 3 metres will probably make a big difference.