Reply To: Custom Jump Program (Nov 2020)



18 Jan

Resistance Band Dorsiflexion – 2 x 15
A1 Pogo Jumps – 4 x 20 secs
A2 Ziani Leg Lifts – 4 x 60 secs (94cm)
Plank/Plyo/Speed Skater Combo – 3 sets
Broad Jumps – 5, best of 2.40m
2 step approach – 8 per side
2 step pop ups – 4 per side
2 step 2 footed jumps – 6 per side
Tibialis Raise – 25 reps

19 Jan

CMJ – 6 jumps, best of 60cm
Patrick Step Up – 2 x 15 x 40kg
Front Squats – 3 x 5 x 75kg
BB KoT Lunge – 3 x 9 x 35kg
Band Assisted Nordic Curls – 3 x 7

Pleasantly surprised by my CMJ, not far off my PB now (63cm?). I’m also aware of the rough rule that your running vert should be 5+ inches more than standing, so I’m keen to test my running vert soon.

21 Jan

OFF – Moving house and while I had time at the end of the day to squeeze in a session, I felt the quality would be poor.

23 Jan

CMJ – 6 jumps, best of 59cm
Patrick Step Up – 2 x 15 x 45kg
Power Cleans (doubles) – 2 x 60,60,65,70,75kg
BB KoT Lunge – 3 x 10 x 35kg
Band Assisted Nordic Curls – 3 x 7
Achilles Spring Combo – 2 x 35 secs, 7 reps

My power clean technique is still a work in progress, but if I don’t use enough weight I end up upright rowing it. Nice to see my CMJ stayed slightly above my previous weeks. I took an extra day before completing this because moving house took more out of me than I thought and I was aching in a few places.

24 Jan

7 stretches from Becoming a Supple Leopard

So that’s the end of my first 4 week cycle, I’ve sat down and looked at what I want to add/remove for the next four weeks and I’m happy with what I have. I could obsessively pick over each exercise or try and fit everything in but I wanted to avoid overthinking and stick with what first comes to mind.

Here’s my slightly improved power cleans with a hook grip