Reply To: 2011 Training Log


    Oct 2

    40 throws, best of 38.32m (~126ft) PB

    Track Work
    8 x 10m (2.5 mins)
    8 x 12.5m (2 mins)

    I almost got to my 7th set of 5 throws before I got over 30m, then I suddenly put metres on each subsequent attempt. Looking to go down Wednesday night for the first real training session and we’ll see if the coach can add some distance.

    I’ve missed track!! It’s been five weeks since I’ve sprinted and it was so nice to get back into it. Working on getting the most out of every stride during acceleration (without over-striding), and my 7th stride was dead on 10m each time.

    Oct 5

    Shoulder Press
    3 x 9 x 21.5kg

    3 x 22

    DB Curls
    3 x 8 x 19kg (poor)

    Res. Band Pullover
    3 x 12

    Press Ups
    3 x 25

    Marching 3 x 50 x 10kg
    Twists 3 x 30 x 10kg

    Oct 6

    Hang Power Cleans
    4 x 86kg
    5 x 86kg

    Reverse Lunges
    4 x 8 x 58.5kg

    4 x 10 x 21kg

    Lunge Jumps
    4 x 8

    SL Hops
    4 x 25 x 17kg

    Oct 9

    Javelin Ball
    35 throws per arm

    Track Work
    2 x 8 x 15m (2 mins/5 mins)

    Oct 10

    Shoulder Press
    3 x 8 x 24kg

    3 x 12

    3 x 22

    BB Shrugs
    3 x 8 x 68.5kg

    Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 12
    Toe Touchers 3 x 15
    Toes to Sky 3 x 12
    Wipers 3 x 12
    Sitting Tuck 3 x 20
    Ab Wheel 15

    My upper back was supported in shoulder press but it was still vertical so it should be as effective, perhaps taking out a weak point in my torso. Enjoyed that workout, once again fuelled by women problems.

    I’m going to rugby training tomorrow evening with a friend, should be interesting to see what I can do.

    Oct 12 (rest is 90s instead of 60s)

    Shoulder Press
    3 x 7 x 24kg

    3 x 25

    Bicep Curls
    3 x 8 x 19kg

    Res. Band Pullovers
    3 x 12

    Press Ups
    3 x 28

    Marching 4 x 50 x 10kg
    Twists 4 x 30 x 10kg

    Oct 13

    Back Squats
    8 x 108.5kg
    6 x 116.5kg
    4 x 124.5kg
    3 x 124.5kg
    5 x 116.5kg
    7 x 108.5kg

    SL Hops
    4 x 25 x 17kg

    Side Bridge 2 x 60 secs
    Front Bridge 2 x 90 secs

    Better squats again but still a lack of a fully coordinated push. Enjoyed rugby the other day and he wants to give me a run-out in the 5th team this weekend which is a bit of a muck around. Will probably do hard tempo tomorrow as active recovery and get my stretches in.

    Oct 15

    Rugby Game (friendly)

    Other team turned up with 10 men and we had 3 subs so all went on the other team and played 13 vs 15. They called it off 15 mins into the 2nd half when we were 112-12 down (we being the other team). I was left wing, pretty happy with my contribution as I probably stopped a few tries from chasing people down who’d broken through our defensive line. Pretty beat up now, my right knee is swollen and i’m looking to do upper body tomorrow, rugby training Tues and depending on the knocks I pick up from that I want to do sprints Wednesday morning.