Reply To: 2011 Training Log


Jan 17

DB Rows – 3 x 8 x 42.5kg
DB Front Raises – 3 x 8 x 8.5kg
A1 DB Alternate Bench – 14 x 39kg, 13 x 39kg
A2 Explosive Pushups – 2 x 8
Front Bridge 2 x 90 secs
Side Bridge 2 x 60 secs

Biceps were hurting from the weekend. I like these front raises, can really feel my muscle working. I’ve got my calories to a stage where my weight is stable, now looking to refine my diet and remove some of the processed junk I’ve been sneaking in. Race on Saturday, still a week or two from peak shape but should be able to produce a decent run.

Jan 18

Back Squats – 3 x 108.5kg, 3 x 125kg, 4 x 140kg
SL Eccentric Ham Curls – 2 x 8 x 27.5kg
Bird Dogs – 2 x 20
Eccentric Calf Lower – 2 x 20 x 10kg (Gastroc), 2 x 20 x 10kg (Soleus)
Reverse Crunch Hold – 3 x 45 secs

I’m repeating this week of 5/3/1 next week, so was going to do the bare minimum but I thought 4 reps would be good for my confidence at the higher weights. Calf exercise was better with two sets for each muscle, as three seemed a little laboured and drawn out. I’m splitting up the three hours of track work and the weights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so this session was done in the evening having regained some energy since this morning.

Jan 19

Running Arms – 2 x 80, 4 x 50
A1 Bench Press – 3 x 73.5kg, 3 x 83.5kg, 5 x 95kg
Explosive Pushups – 3 x 8
Dips – 3 x 22

As above, I felt I could do 6 reps of bench so stopped at 5. I had a quality speed session yesterday and if I can replicate that tomorrow then I will be much more confident about the weekend. I need to stop thinking about p.b’s and focus on beating whoever’s lining up next to me.

Jan 22

60m Race – 7.59

My hamstring was bothering me on Thursday and it was still on my mind today, so the whole race was tense and sub-maximal because I worried about pulling it. Didn’t stick around for 2nd race, I know when it isn’t my day.

Front Squat – 3 x 78.5kg, 3 x 90kg, 8 x 101kg
Hip Thrusts – 6 x 95kg, 6 x 100kg, 6 x 105kg
Ab Circuit, 6 mins

New plan, do weeks 3 and 4 of 5/3/1 then just do some heavy triples the next few weeks so I don’t have to think about fitting it in with my races, think I need more time under a 140kg+ bar anyway. Pleased with front squats, could’ve done a few more reps.

Jan 24

DB Rows – 3 x 8 x 42.5kg
Front Raises – 3 x 8 x 9kg
A1 Alternate DB Bench – 1 x 12 x 39kg, 1 x 9 x 39kg
A2 Explosive Pushups – 2 x 8
Front Bridge 90 secs
Side Bridge 60 secs

Got the recovery wrong and paid for it in the second set of alternate bench. I have a new workout template that should keep weights workouts where they are but exercises will be moved around. Alternate bench will go as I have tough circuits to do, volume of plyos will be less with longer runs afterwards and Tuesday will be just weights.

Monday – Short Speed & UB Weights
Tuesday – LB Weights
Wednesday – Circuits & UB Weights
Thursday – Speed Endurance & LB Weights
Friday – Technical Work
Saturday – Plyometrics, Long Speed & Full Body Weights
Sunday – Recovery Stretching & Foam Rolling

Jan 25

Front Squats – 5 x 83.5kg, 3 x 95kg, 8 x 106kg
Stiff Legged Deadlift – 2 x 5 x 131kg
Bird Dogs – 2 x 20
Reverse Crunch Hold – 3 x 45 secs

Rest periods have increased which should help me maintain intensity a bit better. Pleased with front squats, could’ve done more but will save something for Thursday.

Jan 26

Bench Press (power matrix) – 8 x 77.5kg, 5 x 87.5kg, 3 x 95kg, 3 x 1 x 105kg, 5 x 90kg
Dips – 3 x 20
Running Arms – 2 x 80, 4 x 50

I was going to do the power matrix next week but realised it incorporated everything I was going to lift for 5/3/1, so figured i’d do it today. Tried to rush the 1RM so the first two stalled in the middle, last one was smooth. Did running arms last so that I finish the session with a coordinated movement pattern.

Jan 27

Back Squat
5 x 120kg
3 x 135kg
2 x 150kg P.B. @ 73kg
3 x 140kg

Hip Thrusts
2 x 5 x 110kg

Abs, 6 mins

Felt excellent in squats, upped everything by a few kgs as I saw the opportunity for a PB, did a nice double and didn’t push my luck by trying a third. Focus is on track work for the next four weeks, i’ll be damned if i’m running another 7.5* in Feb.

Jan 29

SL Box Jumps
3 x 10 x 15cm

Muscle Ups

SL Eccentric Ham Curls
1 x 6 x 27.5kg
1 x 6 x 30kg

4 x 90

Side Bridge, 2 x 80 secs

Did 2 x 2 x 120m runs at the track so didn’t have the energy for power cleans. Ham curls were good, got the stopwatch out to make sure it’s still a four second eccentric.

Jan 31

Bench Press
8 x 80kg
5 x 92.5kg
3 x 97.5kg
3 x 1 x 110kg = PB
5 x 92.5kg

DB Rows
3 x 8 x 42.5kg

Side Bridge 2 x 60 secs
Front Bridge 2 x 90 secs

Phew! 110kg was close to the limit, pretty chuffed to do all three attempts. Next power matrix has 115 in it, don’t know about that :s