Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)


    WEEK 40-41

    8 Jul

    DB Front Faises – 15 x 5kg, 12 x 6kg
    DB Front Raise w 3 sec ISO – 8 x 6kg
    Pull ups – 4 x 6
    Banded Front Raise – 20
    EZ Bar Front Raise – 12 x 6kg, 15 x 6kg, 2 x 12 x 8.5kg
    Wrist Roller – 2 mins w 5kg

    I wanted to find a front deltoid exercise that could mimic the planche and after a few failed experiments I settled on the EZ bar. The zigzag bar allows me to turn my hands enough to have inner elbows facing up and a correct distance apart. I plan to load up on that because I want to add some volume back in.

    15 Jul

    Planche Lean Hold – 28cm x 6,9,12,6 secs
    A1 EZ Bar Front Raise – 4 x 12 x 11kg
    A2 Pull ups – 7,7,6,6

    I had laser tattoo removal on the 11th and there’s a few days where my torso is swollen and bandaged, so no exercise. Instead of a brief touch I wanted to accumulate some seconds at a specific lean, which I chose to be 28cm (lean measuring device on my Instagram). Great to bring pull ups back, I watched a YT video where he said full planche required back and not just relentless ab training.

    18 Jul

    Advanced Tuck – 10,11,8,7,7,5,3 secs (51 total)
    Sphinx Push ups – 2 x 20

    I was a little disappointed to not hold longer here. I’m behaving in the kitchen and holding ~2400kcal/day which should bring my weight down. I’ve been a slightly doughy 72.5kg and knowing how much difference dropping to 70kg would make to other body-weight exercises like pull ups I believe it will help me a lot in planche.