Reply To: Vert Code Elite (Feb 2020)



Injured on 25 May ~3pm

It’s probably a strong Grade 1 and my best estimate is 2-3 weeks.

26 May

Foam Roll healthy leg

28 May

Tried the VCE Foam Roll & Dynamic WU, some discomfort during the foam rolling, A-Skips were fine but I was unable to do jumping jacks at all.

29 May

Epsom Salt Bath – 25 mins (hot!!)

30 May

Foam Roll & Dynamic WU – very minor discomfort during the foam roll of adductors, also able to do jumping jacks with no pain.

Walk 400m
Jog 1 mile @ 15:30 pace
Walk 400m

I wanted to log the walk because it’s not a guarantee that I can do things like that. I walked to a nearby park and did a very tentative jog at near enough walking pace, having to stop every minute or so to shake my leg out. I could tell if I increased speed even slightly the injury was troubling me. I was in lycra shorts but the thigh wasn’t strapped in any way.

31 May

Running warm up

Walk 400m
Jog 2 miles @ 10:30, 9:45 pace
Walk 400m

Static Stretching

This isn’t that much faster than yesterday, the main difference was not stopping at all. I did notice my leg warmed up after 3/4 mile and I picked up the pace, it’s still very much a plod than a full run so I’m not getting ahead of myself. I had stopped static stretching because it was listed as optional and he said it isn’t that important, but I feel better including it again.