Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)


    WEEK 10

    11 Dec

    L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,18,29,21 secs
    Tuck Planche – 4,4,10,7,9,9,10,8,9,3,9,7 secs (89 total)

    Having said I’d go back to 3x/week I ended up only training once this week due to socialising and not feeling up for it on the other day I was going to train. I opened with one set of L-Sit tuck hold, mainly to wake up my shoulders and abs. I then did all my tucks before finishing off the ab work. The cue I used was to actively pull the knees to chest and that worked well, also starting with my bum higher in the air so more of a forward lean. Finally, 2.5-3 mins rest instead of 2 mins allowed me to repeat efforts, as previous weeks I opened with a long hold then it got progressively worse.

    The plan is to go slow and steady, adding a few seconds to either total TUT or individual holds until I get there.