Reply To: Jump Science 2.0 (October 2019)


    1 Dec

    Depth Drops – 4 x 5 x 70cm
    Tuck Jumps – 3 x 10
    Squat Jumps – 3 x 10

    3 Dec

    Bounding – 5 x 5
    Flying 30m – 5 x 30m in 4.09, 3.90, 3.56, 3.72, ?.?? secs
    Depth Jumps – 5 x 5 x 60cm

    Failed to stop my timer for the last run, always annoying to not know. After two runs I realised there’s a very slight incline to the grass I’m running on so I switched direction. What I can do on flat ground is probably somewhere in between, say ~3.80, or 7.9 m/s. I’m holding something back in my acceleration to avoid injury so could knock 0.1 off for true top speed.

    5 Dec

    CMJ – 53,54,54,54,54cm
    2 Step Approach – 5 x 1
    Full Approach 2 foot – 11 x 1
    Full Approach 1 foot – 5 x 1 per leg
    Lunge Jumps – 3 x 12

    Another terrible series of CMJ!! It must be the speed session two days prior, though in the program it only mentions the practice jump workout today as needing 72 hrs rest. From pausing the video I was 3-4cm from the backboard during my full approach 2 foot jumps, which would be 290cm meaning a 64cm vert (standing reach 226cm). I don’t know whether it matters that I’m doing all these jumps while not fresh but I’ll consider moving this session forward a day for the final week.

    Here are the lunge jumps, I did them on the court after practice jumps and last week I had sore glutes the next day which I took to mean they were more effective on a hard surface.