Reply To: Jump Science 2.0 (October 2019)


    3 Nov

    Depth Drop – 5 x 5 x 60cm
    Tuck Jumps – 5 x 10
    Rhythm Jumps – 3 x 10
    OH Squat – 4 x 5 x 30kg
    Hex DL – 110,120,130,130,135,140, 3 x 1 x 147.5kg

    Got a bit cocky with OH squats and started at 30kg, tweaking my back slightly when I lost balance. That meant DL was a bit risky and I was belted for 3-4 of the heavier reps and stopped at 9 singles.

    5 Nov

    Single Leg Vert – 3 x 5
    Depth Jump – 5 x 5 x 45cm
    Broad Jumps – 5 x 5 (11.45 to 12.30m)

    Shorter contact time for depth jumps, those felt fantastic. Broad jumps felt roughly the same yet I was jumping 50-60cm more than last week. It’s the first time I’ve felt genuinely optimistic during this program.

    7 Nov

    CMJ – 56,57,59,59,57cm
    2 Step Approach – 5 x 1
    Full Approach 2 foot – 11 x 1
    Full Approach 1 foot – 5 x 1 per leg
    OH squat – 5 x 20, 30, 40, 40kg
    Box Squats – 3 x 90kg, 5 x 3 x 110kg

    Nice session, my CMJ hasn’t budged from week 1 until now and I didn’t even catch any perfectly, managing 59cm twice. That carried over to my running vert which felt an inch or so closer to the rim. It’s hard to measure precisely but I’m pretty sure my approaches off my non-dominant leg actually get higher (I’m left footed, so big step with left then final step with right was the better side).

    I’ve been pigging out yet still hover around 73kg, I think my body wants to drop to 72kg so I’m going to let it over the next few weeks and hopefully I only shed fat.

    Here are my broad jumps, done on a slight incline on the road outside my back gate.